It was hard fought, inciting many difficult crew conversations in-house, but recently the Koi-Fly team decided to divulge some trade secrets to the public.  We call it the Koi-Fly Educational Mini Series. Stay tuned as respected industry specialists from Koi-Fly and beyond, take you on a journey of learning that you have never been privy to before – unless you’ve visited a video production set. But even then, we go deeper.


Ep. 1 The Red Gemini with Leslie Schmidt

In Koi-Fly’s Educational Mini Series: Episode One, Director of Content, Leslie Schmidt gives us the scoop on her favorite camera for shooting client’s commercials and short films. Watch here as Leslie explains that having keen technical knowledge of  cameras has only enhanced her expertise as a sought after and award winning director and producer. 

Since each  project we create  at Koi-Fly Creative is so unique, Leslie finds it helpful to listen and learn about each of our client’s hopes and dreams for the final delivery of their content. Then she selects a camera that will bring their ideas to life. Leslie enjoys shooting with the Red Gemini that Koi-Fly owns in-house. She loves how ‘riggable’, reliable and trusty it is. Plus, our client’s adore the imagery that our Red Gemini and Red Pro Prime lenses lend to their projects. 

When we shoot with the Red, the images boast a cinematic look and feel that makes any story engaging and emotional.  Production professionals are constantly looking to shoot with cameras that have the optimum image sensor size, crystal clear resolution and a myriad of color sampling options. To quote our star, “The RED –  every time –  checks that off.” 

Click HERE to see a video Leslie Directed for Philadelphia Magazine’s client FORD where she proves her point.


Ep. 2 Drones 101 with Eric LaCasse

Eric LaCasse is a certified Pilot In Command who controls and operates Koi-Fly’s fleet of drones. In Episode Two of Koi-Fly’s Educational Mini Series, Eric divulges all of the incredible features of the DJI Inspire drone that Koi-Fly owns in-house.

The DJI Inspire drone is a ‘quadcopter’ that flies an X5S camera and one controller. This drone is unique because the landing gear raises up, which allows for the camera to hang below it. When that happens it allows the drone operator to capture 360 degrees of unobstructed views. The controller for the drone comes with a monitor for easy footage viewing as well as two joysticks that allow you to move the drone every which way in the air in order to nail the perfect shot. 

FAA rules and regulations are necessary to follow for drone operators. Eric tells us that as a pilot for drones, you need a special license in order to fly commercially. Every few years he passes a test with the FAA to make sure he is certified to fly.

Click HERE to check out some of Eric’s famous aerials for LIFE’S  Patina. 


Ep. 3 All About Lighting with Chris Logan Harley

Director & DP, Chris Logan Harley discusses incredibly helpful tips and tricks about lighting on set in Koi-Fly’s Educational Mini Series Episode 3.

Chris’ go-to lighting setup is three point lighting which means you have three light sources. These are called a key light, a fill light and a backlight. He also discloses the secrets of  how to set up a gorgeous  interview with only natural light. Chris tells us that in order to achieve the perfect natural lighting for an interview, you need to have a soft light source. His go-to is usually a big window to allow all the natural light in.

Chris wraps up his interview with a crucial tip for any new Gaffer’s ultimate success. Watch the episode to find out more! 

Click HERE to see Chris Logan Harley’s interview lighting in action when he shot with us for SAXBYS.

Coming to you soon…

Hopefully now that we’ve dipped your toes in this pool of knowledge, you’re just as excited for the next set of videos that are coming your way soon. Stay on the lookout for more videos featuring Leslie Schmidt, Erin Versaggi, Dave Bisson and Stacey Grant as they enlighten you about vertical video, what to expect when receiving a rough cut, everything you need to know about storyboarding and food styling (spoiler alert: mashed potatoes are used to mimic a delicious treat). Follow us and subscribe for more video education. Until then, we’ll see you on set.


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