When planning out a content strategy for the year, a marketer looks for ways to drive interest in their brand, and hopes for opportunities to make an impact that can drive reach, frequency, and impressions. If that content is shareable, then all the better.

Viral content has come a long way since the launch of “Gangnam Style” – along with being the first YouTube video to reach a billion views, it also launched a movement in dance (don’t even challenge me).

Marketers recognize the power of a good dance routine, and what it can do to amplify a brand’s messaging. They’re developing and procuring content, but how can they guarantee its emotional power and value?

Just Be, Relatable

“You need to take something that seems basic and every day and make light of it,” says local Philly influencer, fashion and lifestyle blogger Lindsey from The Motherchic, who has over 40,000 Instagram followers and almost 300,000 Facebook followers. Her satirical Meghan Trainor spoof video Dear Future Daddy, shot by Koi-Fly Creative’s Leslie Schmidt, garnered close to 9 million views. “People are more willing to share if the content you create moves them in a way that makes them say, ‘That’s me! I do that, feel that, say that, too!’”

Just Be, On Brand

Clearly articulate your brand’s promise and entertain while you do it. Whether you’re being totally overt about your brand and what you offer or developing more organic, branded entertainment, stand by your promise and just be yourself.

Just Be, Real Funny

Please, don’t take yourself too seriously, if you don’t have to. People will relate to you and want to share you, in all of your silly, silly glory. Quizzes and spoofs are instantly funny and instantly shareable, too. Try to post them consistently (like every Wednesday or once a month) so that your audience starts to expect, appreciate, and eagerly checks in to digest that content on your social feed routinely.

Just Be, Real Helpful

If you’re a utility, then show people how you can help. If you’re a lifestyle, then show people how you can help change their lives. If you’re about social goodness, then promise social goodness. People often share information, tips and snackable videos that’s helpful in the moment or useful down the road (like recipes and fitness tips).

Just Be, Real Real

Be honest, show your feelings and express yourself. “KONY 2012,” which runs 30 minutes, is arguably the most viral nonprofit video ever made, with 100 million views. It made an impression, made people feel, and made people share.

Sharing entertaining content brings value to our friends, shows others we have great taste and spurs conversation and reactions. We share because we care—because we feel connected to a video, image, or post we see online. When it feels like it’s about us, helps us, connects us to a community, or empowers us, then we can’t wait to pass it along immediately — To a loved one or co-worker or even our most favorite frenemy.

So the question is, are you ready to go viral? Let’s make some content, or at least get together for some Gangnam Style karaoke. Because that’ll go viral… or at least make a few people queasy.

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