Relive the Best and Worst Game Day Ads with us. 

Since the best part of the lowest scoring Super Bowl ever was Adam Levine’s bare chest, we decided to concentrate on consuming lots of wings and nachos and analyzing the Super Bowl commercials.

We circled up the crew and asked for feedback on all of the TV commercials during the game. Team Koi-Fly’s Super Bowl 53  commercial faves and fumbles are summed up this way: zany human-like robots, famous celebrity cameos, what’s with corn syrup,  heart-string-pulling and various phone service ads. Below is our lively debate.


Touchdown of the Day | Phone Services

Verizon paid tribute to California first responders in a pair of Super Bowl advertisements Sunday following criticism for squelching firefighters’ data speeds last summer during one of the state’s largest wildfires.

Stacey: Super Bowl 53 is the year of the phone services commercials. These were beautiful. Meaningful. And the perfect spoil to T-mobile’s funny quips and Mint Mobile’s YUCK. Although they were a smidge maudlin…

Les: My number one. Genius series, beautifully shot, so so connecting and honest and authentic. Storytelling is queen.

T-mobile | …

Multiple ads for T-Mobile that played during the Super Bowl game between the Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots announced certain free offers for customers, including tacos that will be available every Tuesday at Taco Bell, and an offer for one free Lyft ride in February all in a fun text format.

Stacey: Made me LOL. Everyone has received or sent that text. Love the “Are you with us yet?” tagline. I mean. I’m seriously thinking about it. And so clever giving away free Lyft rides. These commercials killed it. The BEST of for sure.

Les: Def some good ones here. A few were ripped off memes which was lame. But simple and effective.

Eric: That was funny. I gotta put T-Mobile up as the best overall SB campaign.

Nicole: Everyone can relate to this one!

Shelly: Reminded me of my college years. Yikes! Relatable!


Mint Mobile | Chunky Milk…YUCK

Stacey: Chunky style milk…?? Yuck! Funny tho.

Eric: Just shock value.

Les: Oh Gross. OMG throw up.

Dave: I hated this…I still hate this. It made me feel ill when all I wanted to do was eat extravagant snacks.

Nicole: That’s the worst commercial ever. Why would they do that to milk?

Bubly | Michael Bublé

Stacey: This was so cute. Michael Buble is awesome. “Daveee”

Eric: Funny. Good play on words.

Dave: – This is what a Super Bowl commercial should be. Quick, to the point, funny and featuring Canadian Superstar Michael Buble.

Morgan: Buble is a sight to see of course and how could you not like the play on words. Now I want to go buy some Bubly all because of Buble.

Amy: This one made me lol when he was changing the labels at the end.

Shelly: Funny!! Sound design made it. I hope there are more of these commercials with Bubly and  Bublé!

Bumble | Powerful…for a dating app?

Stacey: Serena is BOSS. Whatever she says fires me up.

Eric: What is Bumble?

Les: Loved. Serena is a goddess. This was clever.

Morgan: Serena is the QUEEN of sports and who wouldn’t want to be her. I would join the app just be a match with Serena and we would become best friends.

Erin: Whatever Serena says goes. I loved this one!

Dave: Badass giving a badass speech .. for a dating app? Not a Bumble fumble but come on.

Shelly: This might have been my fav! I watched the interview with Serena and Bumble CEO  before the SB and it got me pumped to see the commercial live. Very interesting tactic on Bumble’s part – the commercial was focused on women even though most other SB commercials had their male viewers in mind. Do you, Bumble.

Olay | Scary good!

Stacey: Sarah Michelle Gellar is amazing in this horror/thriller commercial that resembles Halloween/Scream. Funny twist when the killer compliments her skin. Nice Olay. #killerskin

Erin: This one made me lol! Love Sarah Michelle Gellar

Dave: This was probably my favorite concept. Clever and current.  Although it did frighten my kid at the beginning.

Doritos | Flaming Hot Production!

Stacey: Bringin back the boy band BackStreet Boys with a Chance The Rapper spin. Like a lil mini concert!

Eric: Good production value but it didn’t wow me.

Les- Chance is amazing-BSB is amazing but for either of them to say “it’s now hotter”. Ehhhh kind of a stretch. Appreciate the dedication to get it to look like the original vid. The behind the scenes of this one is way more entertaining.

Morgan: Brings me back to my childhood of owning every CD they came out with. All the behind the scenes is funny and the sets are cool with the smoke and the all the expensive cars and plane.

Dave: This didn’t do it for me. Love me some Chance but it felt weirdly anticlimactic.

PEPSI | It was just…..Okurrrrrrr

Stacey: Who doesn’t love the guy from The Office and Cardi B’s “Okurrrrrr”. Cardi was really rotoscoped though. She looked like a Snapchat filter got a hold of her. Funny script. Great idea.

Eric: I liked it “OK!!”

Les: Boring, Cardi for life though.

Morgan: Personally, this was my favorite because mixing the Office, Cardi and T-Chainz is pure gold. I laughed so hard at this. 

Dave: Eric took my joke.

Shelly: Anything with Michael Scott I’m a fan of. But honestly, they probably put some mean market research into this ad which I appreciate. That dialogue always happens to me at a restaurant. Maybe I’ll just ask for a Pepsi next time! Maybe.

Stella | Changing it up

Stacey: I don’t think they were shot in the same room. SJP & Jeff Bridges. It looks like they CGI’d them talking to each other. So much potential! Great concept. Loved the The Dude’s, “Stella Artoes” ha.

Eric: It was nice to see The Dude but the overall commercial was lackluster.

Les:  From 2000-2004 I had to sit on a bus for 18 hours (2) ways from Ithaca NY to Gainesville GA for spring training. Wanna know the only movie the guys made everyone watch -The Big Lebowski. Hard pass on the dude hanging with queen Carrie. Aside from my rage upon seeing Bridges face-it just didn’t have the sparkle- now if It was Aiden dressed like the dude-maybe…

Morgan- I liked this one because who doesn’t love SJP and Bridges and it kept me entertained unlike the lack Super Bowl game.

Nicole- Looks like I’m one of the only ones who liked this.  For me, it was a quick, pleasant trip down memory lane, and the chaos that ensues after Carrie asks for a Stella made me laugh.  The Dude’s good natured acceptance in the face of that chaos (“Wild night, huh?”) made me smile.

Dave: When I heard Rumblings that Jeff Bridges was reviving his Lebowski character and SJP was returning to her SATC role I thought it reeked of Super Bowl ad and apparently I was right. I get the idea that some may appreciate this from a nostalgia standpoint but this one fell short for me. In fact, Walmart employed a similar tactic recently with a much better effect. Come on, Stella, step it up for the big game! Why not Carrie Bradshaw meets Terry Bradshaw? The Big Lebowski meets Rob Gronkowski? I’m just spitballing here.

Expensify | Meh

Stacey: Who is that dude from Step Bros? I like him! Commercial looked good but not incredible.

Eric: Cool! What does Expensify do though?

Les: Boo. Those my ski goggles tho.

Dave: Funny concept but again didn’t love it. Also if you haven’t heard anything about Expensify before this commercial the third eye guy makes no sense.

Pringles | Poor robots

Stacey: Cute. Good comedic timing with the dudes.

Les: Meh.

Morgan: This commercial didn’t do it for me. I do condone stacking different Pringles, but the commercial lacked for me.

Dave: This commercial took me to funky town. Still don’t like Pringles though.

Shelly: Made me kinda sad actually! ☹️

M&Ms | They fumbled on this one

Stacey: Christina applegate is one of my favs. And I have also on rare occasion pulled the car over to yell at my kids so…

Eric: I liked it. It’s cool because it seemed like she was yelling at her kids but nope it was three, giant, talking M & M’s.

Les: The sweetest thing is one of my all time fav movies. So Christina is life. I dunno. Delivery was corny.

Dave: Maybe the M&M voices are too recognizable at this point but the payoff didn’t land for me. Also, do we really need an M&Ms in chocolate bar form? Isn’t that against the whole point of M&Ms??

Hyndai | Jason Batemen scores on this one

Stacey: Jason Bateman makes everything better. I love “the talk” and “vegan dinner party- beetloaf” Funny Stuff!

Eric: I love Jason Bateman. Really witty stuff. Made me LOLZ.

Les: One of a small few I LOLed.

Dave: Bateman doing his Bateman thing is always fun but this seems a little bit smug for me.

Planters | Charlie Sheen and A-Rod come up short

Stacey: So what? Alex Rodriguez winks at us and… ?

Eric: Could have been more.

Les: Rather eat the kale chips.

Shelly: I appreciated the humor. Definitely had their male viewers in mind.

Amy: Planters- Charlie Sheen’s nuts cameo was a nice touch.

Nicole: Though I didn’t love it, I think I liked it more than others.  Charlie Sheen was an unexpected surprise. When I first saw him, I smiled at his self-deprecating humor (“And people think I’m nuts.”).  But then I thought- actually, no one thinks of him anymore- he’s flattering himself. As for A-Rod, I have grown to like him after following him on instagram, and I think he’s really cute.  And I was happy he didn’t have to eat those kale chips. Kale chips are good, but they’re not party food…

Dave: I prefer ‘Dietz Nuts’.

Toyota | Cinderella Story

Stacey: I love a badass chick- Cinderella story, who plays football and is an inspiration to all of us. Go Toyota Hybrid.

Les: How do we get beers with this girl. Loved this one!!

Shelly: I thought this one was interesting but a little forced. Connecting a chick football player who worked her ass off and defied odds to get where she is (which is badass) and a car?? Not sure if I believe it but I’m glad I now know her story.

Michelob | Incredible

Stacey: The Asmr commercial is GORG. Love Zoe Kravitz-what a beauty. And the location and sound design is SICK.

Nicole: Now I want a beer.  Looks AND sounds pretty!

Les: Yes! Zoe and sound design was incredible. Sound design is where it’s at people

Burger King | #eatlikeandy

Stacey: Andy Warhol eats a burger. And we should feel???

Les: I did have a small chuckle with the drama for the ketchup dip but this really was lame.

Nicole: I don’t get it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  

Dave: It almost seems poetic that Warhol, who made his name by co-opting commercialism for his art, to now be used to shill Whoppers. Also apparently this is all real and was filmed in 1982 for the film “66 Scenes from America”.

Shelly: Ok this one was lame at first but made me think. Researched it a bit and the background and intent we’re pretty interesting. Check out the AdAge article about it here!

Audi | Dreaming of this car


Stacey: Amazing!!! The choking dude’s heaven was an electric Audi. Funny and pretty. Made me laugh and say, “That was good!”

Eric: Finally Tesla has some competition. Good stuff!

Les: Def one of the best. Beautifully shot-great music and storytelling and funny ending. Perfect Super Bowl commercial formula.

Dave: Did NOT see that one coming! A bit bleak but stuck the landing.

Well, there you have it. Our picks for the touchdowns and penalties of ads during the 2019 Super Bowl. These are all, of course, just our humble opinions. Overall, the cinematography was gorgeous and the concepts were entertaining and creative, in one way or another.

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