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what not to wear on camera
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What Not To Wear On Camera


  So, you have a photoshoot or video production coming up. First time in front of a camera? What do I wear? How is it going to look? What will everyone else be wearing?  How do I know what not to wear on camera? We’ve all been there.    Dressing for an on-camera appearance can […]

Greater Philadelphia marketing

A “consumer persona” is a marketing buzzword that people love to throw around, but understanding your customers is integral to planning a market strategy and writing a messaging strategy that speaks directly to your customers. Understanding your brand’s consumer behaviors and daily journey will help create an incredible user experience, allow for smarter marketing decisions, […]

Why Choose Koi-Fly Creative

  The Benefits of Live Streaming   With the importance for companies to truly understand all of the benefits of live streaming, we decided to create our ‘Dream It, Stream It’ series. Live stream has taken the production industry by storm and has allowed huge events to take place virtually that were on the brink […]


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