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How to Batch Create Video to Build Your Content Library Dedicating a day (or a few) to creating content is an efficient way to maximize your productivity. In just a day of filming, you can often create a month’s worth of content. This helpful approach is key to consistently producing new content, which ultimately increases […]

Connected TV and Over The Top

With a growing trend of “Cord-Cutters”, canceling their cable and satellite subscriptions and “Cord-Nevers” who have never subscribed to a traditional TV service, advertisers have had to shift their targets from linear (or traditional) television to Connected television (CTV) and Over The Top (OTT) ads to reach a new generation of consumers.     When […]

Ever since the chronological feed disappeared from Instagram we’ve all been wondering the same thing. Will this type of feed ever return? (Spoiler alert: the rumors are true! Say hi to the chronological feed returning this year!) How does Instagram know which posts to put on my feed? How does it know what content to […]

  As social media grows and evolves –– we continue to see authentic content engagement as the most valuable currency when marketing to consumers. Engagement has become crucial in helping your brand drive conversions and build loyalty.   When people interact with your content on social media there’s a lot of different ways they can […]

mobile optimization for content

  We’ve all done it. We’ve all watched TV, while we used our laptop to check our email, and simultaneously scrolled through Twitter on our phone. And if you haven’t –– well, that’s miraculous okay.   The odds are, while you’re scrolling and browsing, you’ll probably find the same video content presented in various ways […]

Tik Tok Marketing

Just like all things these days, the world of social media evolves daily. As marketers, it’s often difficult to keep up with the trends, stay ahead of your competition and talk to your audiences– not at them.   The most valuable currency for any brand is authentic content engagement. Engaging with audiences across the marketing […]


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