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How to Batch Create Video to Build Your Content Library Dedicating a day (or a few) to creating content is an efficient way to maximize your productivity. In just a day of filming, you can often create a month’s worth of content. This helpful approach is key to consistently producing new content, which ultimately increases […]

what not to wear on camera

  So, you have a photoshoot or video production coming up. First time in front of a camera? What do I wear? How is it going to look? What will everyone else be wearing?  How do I know what not to wear on camera? We’ve all been there.    Dressing for an on-camera appearance can […]

I Am My Ancestors' Wildest Dreams Documentary

Creating A New Path For Hiring Black Creative Talent   I Am My Ancestor’s Wildest Dreams is an Official Selection of the San Francisco Black Film Festival   The career path for black creative talent has always been a struggle. Opportunities to be yourself and share your voice are frankly far and few between, and […]


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