Every year, the team here at Koi-Fly spends the early days of March sorting through impressive resumes in search of perfect matches for our summer internship program. We aim to find passionate, eager, and creative students who’ll be tasked with creating a professional branded video for a deserving nonprofit who would benefit from video marketing assets to help spread their message, engage donors and encourage volunteers to join their cause. 

In past years, this had been an extremely hands-on internship where students could fully immerse themselves in how Koi-Fly creates a video, from “storyboard to screen.” No one could have guessed the world would look so jarringly different this year, but  to us, these five individuals possessed a unique skill that would be necessary for getting the job done in 2020: resilience.  

Pushing Forward

Our interns deemed themselves the “Quar-Interns” and proceeded to partner with the Philadelphia based nonprofit Sharing Excess in creating a brand video with oversight from the Koi-Fly Team, all while working together in a virtual environment via zoom. They approached our new virtual internship program with grace, ambition, and patience while the world adjusted to an unnerving new normal, and divied up roles and responsibilities based on their unique skill sets and interests. All while hopping onto all  the internal meetings, shoots, and projects that keep Koi-Fly busy each day.

The Koi-Vid Quar-Interns

  • Jack (Penn State University ‘21): The humorous and personable Project Manager, Jack served as the liaison between the creative team and Sharing Excess, making sure everyone’s vision was successfully coming to life. 
  • Kelli (Penn State University ‘21): The fearless Producer, Kelli jumped into both the Sharing Excess Project, and multiple ongoing Koi-Fly projects, at every opportunity.
  • Liv (Penn State University ‘21): The producer and director of photography, Liz tackled the assignment and approached the shoot with a natural eye for creativity.
  • Brendan (West Chester University ‘21): The motivated Lead Marketing Coordinator, Brendan worked with incredible attention to detail to ensure there was a marketing plan for the Sharing Excess team to distribute the finished video. 
  • Amy (University of Delaware ‘21): The innovative Editor, Amy put all the pieces of the story together to deliver an impactful final product.

We are so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with such a creatively diverse team of students, and so happy we could give each of them a platform from which to shine. Don’t forget to check out their final video for the Sharing Excess: here and check out their thoughts on being quar-interns below:  

Jack, Production Management

“At Koi-Fly I worked with the most incredibly positive and amazing team of people, who worked together but also called each other family. As a first year intern I didn’t know what to expect, but I learned how to adapt and overcome in a most unfamiliar environment: quarantine. As someone who wants to be in front of the screen for the rest of his life, working at Koi-Fly taught me to appreciate and love production and working behind the scenes. Seeing all the magic unfold and then watching the final product come together, and being able to say “wow, I did that, I was part of the team that created something amazing” is something I will be forever grateful for. Koi-fly showed me the magic that is producing and creating. I loved every single minute working at koi-fly. I felt everyday that my career path was not a foolish one and that I was doing something with my life, something I can actually pursue and be successful in.”


Kelli, Production Intern

“The most valuable thing I learned is how important collaboration and teamwork is in this line of work. Whether on set or in meetings, new and creative ideas from any and all members of the team resulted in brilliant and unique projects that everyone had a part in making. The remote working also showed me the importance of teamwork. Everyone was learning together how to make remote working as efficient as possible and without the help of everyone involved, it would have been extremely difficult to work effectively.”

Brendan, Marketing Intern

“My experience was amazing, one-of-a-kind, and honestly one of the best internships I’ve ever had. I’m happy to have been a part of such an incredible group of people. I certainly did not expect much from an internship during the midst of a pandemic! All my internships have generally been in person, where I could  work face to face with mentors and peers, too. At Koi-Fly Creative my teammates were attentive, purposeful and constantly giving me opportunities to learn. From assisting on-set to creating and executing a pro-bono video for a real organization, the Koi-Fly team provided a fun and exciting environment for interns like me to sharpen their skills. I thoroughly enjoyed working with such a great team who care about their craft and would highly recommend this internship to anyone who is interested in marketing!”

Liv, Production Intern

“I learned so much throughout this summer as a production intern at Koi-Fly, however one aspect stuck out to me most: Community. Koi-Fly is an incredible team of people that work extremely hard, but most importantly work together. Working with such a strong community taught me that in order to get a project done you must be able to be a supportive team member. The team was always kind, supportive, and uplifting even in times of uncertainty. I’m so blessed I had the opportunity to work at Koi-Fly and to be a part of their amazing team. ”

Amy, Editing Intern

“My time at Koi-Fly was filled with many memorable moments, but none were quite as memorable as working on the Sharing Excess project. I had never seen up close the entire lifespan of such a high quality project, from idea inception to the final edit. All the interns had such different past experiences from me that I was able to learn from as we went through pre-production for the project. It was truly eye-opening to realize how a thorough pre-production process made my job editing the project so much simpler. Besides all the technical knowledge I gained, the most rewarding part of all was that I was doing my part to spread the word about food insecurity, an issue that I discuss with people quite frequently. It was incredible for me to finally be able to merge my passion for content creation with an issue I care so deeply about. I could never thank the entire Koi-Fly team enough for letting me take part in such a rewarding internship.”

Overall, The Koi-Vid Quar-Interns will forever be emblazoned in our hearts as sources of positive energy during a very strange time in the world. They showed resilience, grit and best of all a fantastic sense of humor. We are so grateful that we had them in our lives this summer and wish them the very best in the future.

What was your experience this summer? Please let us know in the comments.

How to Refresh and Repurpose Your Content

How to Refresh and Repurpose Your Content

We’ve learned a heck of a lot about ourselves this year. Like many of you, the gang here at Koi-Fly learned to pivot, and found new ways to stay agile and raised the bar of remote productivity along the way. It’s been challenging, exhausting and even a bit invigorating. 

Cell phones and computers have been utilized this year more than any time ever before. While you might be saying  “duh Koi-Fly… I knew that!!” maybe you are in search of a time tested game plan to film footage and create cool content to show up on those phones and computers. Or you might be saying, “I have a ton of user generated content and internal footage that I am not sure how to get out in the world in a professional, strategic and branded way.”  Perhaps you even want to beef up your online presence and drive your brand’s performance to new levels of success and filming new footage could be not feasible in this current world.

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