Negative space, also known as white space, in an extremely powerful tool that can be used in photography and filmmaking for marketing purposes. You may ask, “What is white space?”

White space is the area surrounding your main subject of a particular shot; while its counterpart, positive space, is the area occupied by the main subject. White space draws your eye to the main subject by emphasizing and defining it. Depending on how you set up a shot, you may be left with a lot of valuable white space that should not go wasted!

Why is White Space Useful?

Utilizing white space is Koi-Fly’s Director of Content, Leslie Schmidt’s, favorite way to shoot photography and video. This is because having white space in a shot allows you the opportunity to add legible and creative custom graphics for marketing purposes. Some potential custom graphics that can be added to your advertisements, websites, or social posts include text and icon graphics.

Leslie’s Quick Tips for Using White Space

  1. Horizontal/landscape photos work best for websites.
  2. Be creative and intentional when creating white space! Set your main subject left, right, top or bottom of the frame to leave room for your added graphics.
  3. Adding custom graphics to negative space in photographs and videos is a skill that can be easily mastered in Photoshop. For those of you who are less ‘techy,’ try using apps like Canva, which can also help you create stylish graphics to fill your space.


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