Remote Teaching in an Ongoing Pandemic

As a teacher of Physical Education, Jared faced challenges when trying to bring his non-traditional classroom to the homes of his students. By adapting to changes and getting creative, Jared is now able to interact with his students and give them the tools to learn from a safe distance.

Changes in the Normal School Day

With the kids no longer in school, Jared and his colleagues had to adapt to this new style of teaching in their own way. “We’re doing well, but it was a bit of a learning curve and a challenge, we didn’t really know how it was going to be working,” says Jared.

Communication was key at Jared’s school, especially between the Unified Arts teachers, which PE falls under. They all worked together to find ways to bring Art, Music, and other special subjects to the kids at home.

Getting Creative

When tasked with teaching PE virtually, Jared had to think out of the box. After some troubleshooting, he created a YouTube channel to share video lessons with his students. “It’s kind of awkward talking to the camera and not having the kids bouncing things back at me,” Jared says, while speaking about how the adjustment has been for himself.

Despite finding a solution, Jared says there are still some challenges. “I have to really think about what’s going to be available for the kids.” Not everyone has access to the equipment found in the Phys Ed. storage closet at school, so Jared has created unique lessons with everyday items, including tube socks and grocery bags.

The Silver Lining

Despite the challenges that have come with this pandemic, Jared has found a silver lining in the response he has gotten. He has received feedback from parents, who are thankful their kids are engaged and active in Jared’s lessons, while they’re overwhelmed working from home. Even the kids have sent him messages, audio clips, and videos of them doing the day’s lesson. 

Although he misses seeing the kids everyday, Jared is glad he is still able to interact with them virtually. This pandemic has proven to be a challenge for everyone and we are thankful for teachers, like Jared, who continue to give their best effort. We hope you enjoy the full interview, which you can listen or watch below. Or listen on Spotify or Apple Podcast.


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