The atmosphere on set can make or break a production. 

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An unhappy crew or a bad attitude can lead to unrest and lack of productivity. So much so, the way people act on set is often evident in the final product. Shoots require a lot of planning and execution. When bad attitudes are mixed with the pressure and hard work that goes into a shoot, the results can be disastrous. A crew needs to work together in order to create the best possible outcome. That means everyone putting their best foot forward on set, getting the creative mind prepared, and leaving problems at the door to create the best content possible.

1. A Film Crew is Like a Plate of Nachos

Every element in the dish works together to create the perfect snack. Think about it like this: if you put chocolate sauce on nachos and the whole dish is thrown off. If one person on set is feeling on edge, the whole set can be brought down. One bad ingredient really can throw everything off.

2. A Happy Crew is a Snappy Crew

Being nice goes a long way and we at Koi-Fly try to surround ourselves with positivity. These individuals are working long, hard hours to help bring a clients’ vision to life.

We know how important it is for crew members to feel appreciated and for their hard work to be noticed. Throughout the shoot day we pride ourselves on celebrating our successes and pushing each other through the sometimes long hours. We always provide coffee, drinks, snacks, and a hearty meal for our crew. Not only is this necessary fuel to keep the crew’s morale and energy up, but the crew thoroughly appreciates this on set.

3. Safety is Crucial on Set

Make sure your crew feels safe and looked after on set. It is important to address any concerns the crew may have up front. Are you filming outside in the middle of July? Make sure to have plenty of water to keep them hydrated, provide sunscreen for that summer sun, and bug spray for pesky mosquitoes. Filming in the middle of a winter? Have hand and toe-warmers close by so their hands and feet don’t get cold. Want to really dazzle them? Bring hot-cocoa and coffee! A little effort goes a long way.

We can’t stress enough about the importance of keeping your crew happy and energized during a film shoot. Make sure the ingredients compliment each other or you’re gonna end up with one bad batch of nachos.

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