Have you played the ‘corporate speak’ game around the table with your family or friends yet? If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, it’s when everyone goes around and blurts out that one phrase that you sometimes hear on a corporate conference call that makes you produce the largest eye roll in the history of eye rolls, gives you a cringe so deep, and comes from a place past the depth of your soul. 

Which one is it for you?

Got it? Obviously, you’re going to have to put it in the comments after reading this post.



“Disrupting the (insert lame thing you’re ‘disrupting’ in business here)”

For example, “We’re disrupting the industry.”

You know how “Oh bother” is Winnie the Pooh’s equivalent to “God D*mnit?”

“Disrupting the…” is my equivalent to “We’re looking to show people we’re changing in our company with this trendy word that everyone, EVERYONE is using, but really, what are we doing?”


Give That Crazy Idea a Chance

What I have developed into a career is the ability to funnel current content and analyze what works and what doesn’t. So please, for the love of all things holy, stop telling people you’re going to “disrupt ‘X’” if you’re not going to SHOW IT (or just use a thesaurus for the word).

Now, because I’m looking at this through a marketing lens – we can chat another time about applying “disruption” (blahhh) to your business culture – let’s talk about how to start with your internal/external brand needs. It’s one small simple concept.


Here’s how.

  • Thinking about starting insta live videos to showcase your product and its amazing features on a weekly basis? Start the plan and shoot it.
  • Want to make some internal marketing pieces for your client but you’re afraid they’re going to come across crummy and lose credibility? Start the plan and shoot it.
  • Dying to get a weekly series together to let people know something cool? Start the plan and SHOOT IT. 

I wish I could scream this from the rooftops – If you have a crazy idea, talk to a team of content creators that can help make that happen for you.

(Shameless plug- www.koi-fly.com)

In all seriousness, what are you waiting for? It’s truly that simple. Your ideas don’t have to die with your fear of destroying your brand. Listen, if you have an idea that is unsightly and immoral, we’ll let you know. But this paralyzing fear people have today is crazy. You’re missing a potentially amazing opportunity or it will fall flat – but WHO CARES. Content today is an A/B test. A constant A/B test. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t and the brands that are succeeding are the ones that TRY IT ALL and take the risk without fear of the backlash (and have a great plan before launch for backlash cleanup). We have content ADD; if it doesn’t work, it will be forgotten in about a week.


Forcing Authenticity

The brands that are taking the creative risks are also the ones that have a message of the true human experience under them. They’re taking the things that we were all told were “taboo” or “airing your dirty laundry” and putting them into a light that is whole and relatable in a pure way. It’s not forced authenticity (which is another word that drives me crazy – we’ll chat about that one another day as well) because today’s consumers, from your grandma to that baby watching the YouTube pre-roll knows, KNOW when people are forcing their authentic self, message, etc. It’s obvious and THAT is what’s threatening to your brand, being fake authentic. That is something that isn’t forgotten.


Take the Challenge

So I challenge you to talk about your crazy idea. Ignore the insecurities in the back of your brain telling you “you can’t, how, where, who” and throw it out there to a group of people that will brainstorm it with you. Collaborate with people that know how to take that small idea and make it into something that you never thought possible. 

That, my friend, is how you’ll rattle, disorder, shake, re-order, change, mix up and my personal favorite ‘upset the apple cart’ in your industry.


Peace Out,


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